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Sparkling Red Wine 2016

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The rediscovered grape variety of Eger wine region. The area of productive vineyards are very limited these days therefore the variety is very special. The wine made of Kadarka grape has light colour and an extremely spicy taste.

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Base wine is made of red grape. After a short maceration period – which took only a few days – we pressed the must in order to get the freshest and fruitiest basic material besides few tannin and a little colour. After processing the base wine, 2 g/l carbon dioxide was given to it very slowly, and as a result, we produced a fine, fruity, airy, semi-sparkling wine.

Food pairing

A refreshing wine recommended to drink as an aperitif chilled, 8 degrees C.


Alcohol:11,98% vol, Residual sugar: 0,7 g/l, Sugar free extract: 25,5 g/l T.acid: 5,7g/l, Free SO2: 29,0mg/l