Egri Leányka Superior 2017

4000 Ft

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Grape varietie

100 % Leányka

Label Legend

In case of children’s births, priests and cantors were paid by vines planted into the vineyards of the Church. A lot of children were born, mostly girls. From the planted vines a new variety had been born and the priests wanted to give a name to the new variety. They thought about choosing the girl’s name after whose christening the most vines were planted. This caused a conflict between the locals. To stop this and please everybody, the priests decided to give the name ‘Leanyka’ – meaning young girl – to the new variety.


We harvested the shrivelled, not-yet aszu grapes at the end of October from Almagyar Slope.


Alcohol: 12,86 % vol, Residual sugar: 79,1 g/l, Sugar free extract: 45,1 g/l T.acid: 7,09 g/l, Free SO2: 10 mg/l


Best Dessert Wine – Eger Wine Region Wine Competition 2018

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