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Egri Csillag Superior 2016

5000 Ft

“Smooth and shiny as glass, between a straw-yellow and golden colours. Gentle mint and sweet aromas. Buttered corn and mint on the palate. Moderate oak taste and mineral character. It is such a gritty wine! The determined acids give great impulse to the wine and its taster. A very long finish with a wonderful fruity taste, showing the character and extensiveness of the wine…” (CsokiLaBor)
In Nagy-Eged hill and its surroundings, at the North-East vineyards of the town stood the watchmen’s huts. According to the description of Frigyes Türk, these watchmen’s huts were lit by torches at night, as to make the territory more visible. Therefore, the glittering light of the huts had the function both of defence and road signs. At those times, long journeys did not stop at night. The news of the travellers’ friendly road lights went all over the country. At that time, the following phrase came into use: “If you travel to Eger, just follow the glittering stars…”

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88%-of the grape varieties come from the Carpathian Basin. Base wines are fermented separately in stainless steel tanks. After that, they go into 5 hl oak barrels – specially made for ageing white wines – for 4 months. Then, in March, the four base wines are blended and following that, bottled in May. 1600 bottles were produced. The vineyards are 32 – 37 years old.

Grape varieties

Olaszrizling, Hárslevelű, Leányka, Rajna Rizling


Alcohol:13,04% vol, Residual sugar: 1,7 g/l, Sugar free extract: 23,4 g/l T.acid: 5,9 g/l, Free SO2: 36mg/l


Eger Wine Region Competition 2017 – Gold

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